Alo Skincare
Looking to give your sensitive pores a spa day? Alo has your skin in mind with specially handcrafted Aloe soaps that target harmful bacteria while using Aloe Vera’s natural regenerative properties to heal inflamed skin and restore moisture to dry skin without any nasty by products. Alo is a facial soap brand targeting acne sufferers and seeks to use the healing abilities of botanicals, specifically Aloe Vera, to heal skin and prevent further breakouts. I researched and developed this brand based on research obtained in a competitive analysis, surveys and interviews, and comprehensive secondary research into what goes into commercial facial cleansing products, what goes into natural facial products, botanical properties, and traditional soap making techniques. I wanted to create a brand that combined the natural healing abilities of plants with traditional soap making applications that did not include harmful parabens and byproducts that would irritate skin.

Defining Alexander
This particular project called for branding a particular person that was well-known, but not easily defined. Alexander the Great is somewhat of an enigma – people hear his name, but cannot quite place what he did or what he was like. History paints him as a godlike warrior, and others see him as a demon. It was intriguing to go back in history and read the real accounts of his life given by his advisers, teachers, friends, and soldiers – he lived, he loved, he cried, he laughed.

Bioware Logo Redesign
BIoware is a major game developer company that specializes in role playing games with in-depth fantasy and science fiction plot lines such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age . Redesigning their logo was quite an experience; I wanted a logo that could display the dynamic nature of this brand, but still retain the much beloved and detailed approach to their games. All of Bioware’s productions are related in essence to space age exploration and medieval fantasy – and I wanted to incorporate these elements into the logo using dented gun-metal textures and sleek elemental bright curves.