Defining Alexander
This particular project called for branding a particular person that was well-known, but not easily defined. Alexander the Great is somewhat of an enigma – people hear his name, but cannot quite place what he did or what he was like. History paints him as a godlike warrior, and others see him as a demon. It was intriguing to go back in history and read the real accounts of his life given by his advisers, teachers, friends, and soldiers – he lived, he loved, he cried, he laughed.

Tutankhamun Book Signing
This piece was a bit of an inside joke in my Typography course that ended up taking a life of its own in placing one of the explorers who discovered King Tut’s tomb in a modern day book signing event – even though the man lived and died in the earlier part of the 20th century. It was fun to place Howard Carter in a modern context, but still retain the minimalism palette and shapes of earlier 20th century Art Nouveau travel advertisements.

Feathers Iconography Book
This book was an exploration into symbology and iconography. Stylizing a symbol from the figure of a feather quill, I applied this icon through different perceptions and patterns. This was a fun project that broadly fostered a deepened understanding of graphic design

Bioware Logo Redesign
BIoware is a major game developer company that specializes in role playing games with in-depth fantasy and science fiction plot lines such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age . Redesigning their logo was quite an experience; I wanted a logo that could display the dynamic nature of this brand, but still retain the much beloved and detailed approach to their games. All of Bioware’s productions are related in essence to space age exploration and medieval fantasy – and I wanted to incorporate these elements into the logo using dented gun-metal textures and sleek elemental bright curves.

Ramblin’ Rotisserie
Ramblin’ Rotisserie is a small start-up company located in Colorado that specializes in the customization of catering opportunities for events that range from small gatherings to large festivals by offering a mobile rotisserie unit where a team member will go and cook on location, or the unit can be rented. I was asked to conceptualize a logo that embodied the ideas behind this small start-up business.

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