Cat lover, travel junkie, hiker, Tolkien fan, illustrator, and multi-faceted designer. Working from an enlightened dynamic to give life and soul to graphic design to promote memorability and meaning. I believe in handcrafted originality.

I am a multi-disciplinary designer and recent graduate of the University of Colorado with a Bachelors in Digital Design and working on a Masters in Illustration and currently located in Huntsville, Alabama. My design focus includes graphic design, illustration, and photography in much of my work.

As a designer, I love to know my client, their needs, as well as every angle to approach a new project. I am adaptable, inquisitive, and patient and that sets me up for success when it comes to researching, designing, and finalizing new ideas and concepts whether for myself or a client. I am always wanting to soak up any new techniques or programs that come my way to further myself in design.

If I am not drawing or snapping photos, you’ll probably find me with my nose in a book or out on a trail somewhere.



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