Seeker App

Is your pet an escape artist? Do you often worry when they get out and you can’t find them, and you have to be somewhere? No more worries, Seeker is an app that can track your pet in updated real-time via communication with a chip administered under their skin that connects to location satellites in orbit.

Thousands of animals get lost after their momentary high of freedom from escaping is gone from their minds, leaving the possibility of them being put into the animal shelter systems, most likely a high-kill shelter, and never to see home again. 

Seeker uses specialized microchips (flat fee of $15) that are made to be easily injectable by owners, or the owner may have it administered by a vet if they are not comfortable. Your pet’s chip is then in constant communication with a satellite that updates the app of Fido or Fluffy’s position in real time. Check out the interactive protoype.

Personal Pooch App

Looking for the purrr-fect companion? So are they!

In an effort to cut back on the staggering amount of animal euthanizations in the United States per year, Personal Pooch is an app designed to match pets and humans based on similarities in their personalities.

Personal Pooch works by having the user complete a comprehensive personality test and their own preferences about what they want in a pet such as activity level, long haired or short haired, big breeds or small breeds – that the app saves in order to generate the closest matches for the user.

Animal personalities are determined through observation, past history, and play with volunteers and staff in shelters that participate in the program. Shelter personnel will then record personality traits into a special animal profile for each animal, complete with their stories, details, and pictures and videos. Check out the interactive protoype.

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