Spoken Word
The meanderings of thought amidst nature.

Dark Thoughts
Internal animated dialogue regarding the struggle with anxiety.

La Boheme
In a collaboration between the Ellie Caulkins Opera House and the Digital Design Program at the University of Colorado at Denver, this piece was created in response to a first of its kind concept originating with the idea of allowing patrons to experience aspects of La Boheme on a virtual reality platform, making it more personal and enjoyable for the viewer to interact and play with. My particular contributions lie in the parallaxing effects in the panels.

Babble Vue
Babble Vue was inspired as a project to give the Deaf community a tool that would allow them to more easily communicate and understand hearing people that cannot sign. Many deaf people face discrimination and bullying on a daily basis; and in response to this, Babble Vue hopes to make it easier for the Deaf to be aware of what other individuals are saying around them by translating verbal cues into Sign.

In Spring 2020 – my last semester of my design program at University of Colorado at Denver, I knew that I wanted to address a topic close to me on a personal level – anxiety. After weeks of research, I found that a vast chunk of people are trying to self-treat their anxiety symptoms through the usage of health apps tailored for anxiety. The only issue being that there were next to no apps that could directly treat a panic attack and help an individual effectively calm down, as most were only geared for general anxiety or only offered management tips for panic attacks. The most common issue with most of the anxiety treatment apps that I have researched was that they contained an expensive subscription based plan people must pay for to use the apps effectively. My target audience of young adults and teens reported not having the extra funds to afford these apps. This was great insight, as I had found a niche within an area I could work within. I set out to develop a UX prototype incorporating my psychological, biological, and holistic research on the human mind into an effective method of direct and accessible treatment for anxiety sufferers to utilize. This motion piece is the culmination of what a user would experience looking at the panels within the app. It uses color, audio, and story to create a distractive meditation scenario for the brain to have enough time to effectively reset itself while keeping the user’s attention engaged and not focused on panic triggers around them.

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